''Family evening'' set (6 x 150g)

  • ''Family evening'' set (6 x 150g)

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    “The family“ evening set is perfect for the whole family.

  • The family evening set includes:

    Decorative Roasted Chickpeas in Dark Chocolate 150g: Delicious roasted chickpeas, delicately covered with 70% dark chocolate, will give you a pleasant sweet experience.

    Sour cream and onion-flavored chickpeas 150g: These chickpeas with a sour cream and onion flavor will enrich your snack menu with a fresh and mild taste.

    Sesame-Honey-Coated Dry Roasted Chickpeas 150g: Moderately roasted chickpeas with sesame and honey flavor will give you sweet energy.

    Salted roasted chickpeas 150g: Slightly salted chickpeas are perfect for those who like saltier snacks.

    Fruit Flavored Chocolate-Coated Chickpeas 150g: Chickpeas thinly coated with fruit-flavored white chocolate.

    Milk Chocolate Coated Chickpeas 150g: This delicious chickpea snack covered in a thin layer of milk chocolate will give you an exceptional